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Government Decides on a Single Standard for Plugs and Socket Outlets in Sri Lanka

28 September in Uncategorized

Architects, Engineers, Technicians and Electricians to use only 13 ampere Standard Sockets in all new buildings with immediate effect. Type G plug and socket outlet, widely known as the 13 A or the “square pin” plug and socket was approved as the single standard for plugs and socket outlets in Sri Lanka, at the cabinet meeting held on 16th August 2016. Following the cabinet approval, the Public Utilities Commission of Sri Lanka (PUCSL), as the regulator for the electricity industry, formally announced the implementation of the single national standard for plugs and socket outlets. Presently, Sri Lankans use numerous types of plugs, socket outlets, substandard electrical accessories, substandard adaptors (“multi-plugs”) and extension cords. Demand for adaptors and extension cords never decrease, because plugs attached to appliances we purchase, rarely fit into the wall socket, because there is no single standard. Several accidental deaths and fires are reported every year owing to the...