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CEB Workshop on PPP

Workshop on Private Investment in Wind Power in Sri Lanka

18 September in news

RMA in collaboration with Entura Hydro Tasmania conducted a three-day workshop on “Private Investment in Wind Power in Sri Lanka” to Engineers of Ceylon Electricity Board from 13th to 15th September 2017 at Sri Lanka Foundation. Mr. David Mayo, bid advisor and transaction specialist, discussed the theories and concepts in private power purchasing. Prof. Steve Ferrey joined the workshop from Boston through electronic media and presented a sample wind power purchase agreement. Dr. Tilak Siyambalapitiya and Mr. Sunith Fernando discussed the history of private power purchase in Sri Lanka. Mr. Swetha Perera explained a model which has been developed to determine tariffs for bidding....

News_Mr Karunanayake's Birthday

RMA Celebrates Mr. Karunanayake’s Birthday

06 September in news

Engineer Jayasiri Karunanayke is a renowned electrical engineer in Sri Lanka. After graduated from University of Moratuwa, he served for Ceylon Electricity Board and Lanka Electricity Company. As a visiting lecture in Department of Electrical Engineering of University of Moratuwa, he enlightened the engineering student’s knowledge in power system protection which is his expertise area. Mr. Karunanayake is working with RMA for many projects focused on tariffs and regulations. RMA organized a small tea party to celebrate his 70th birthday on 1st August 2017. ...


Your electricity bill in 2020

18 September in news

By August 2016, electricity sales growth recorded was 9.6 per cent (compared with the first eight months of 2015), the highest since 2010. So there is no relief on the demand front, to call for relief, now that Sampur power plant is delayed, suspended or cancelled. If the Sampur project went ahead, with essential additional environmental safeguards and technical/contractual amendments, relief would have come by 2020. Impacts of bad decisions or indecision today on power generation, are felt only after five years, in the form of price increases and power cuts. Impacts of good decisions would take longer, to be implemented and to bear fruit, typically in ten years. Have a look at the costs of electricity production and delivery, summarised from publications of the Public Utilities Commission (PUCSL). 2011: The first full year of operation of Norochcholai No 1 generator  2016: The first full year of operation of entire Norochcholai power plant With...

Kilinochchi Lecture

Lecture on Sri Lanka Energy Sector Status and Future Outlook

29 August in news

Dr. Tilak Siyambalapitiya delivered a lecture on Sri Lanka energy sector status and future outlook to the students of faculty of engineering, University of Jaffna, at his visit to Jaffna and Kilinochchi on 15th August 2016, according to an invitation received from Dr. A. Atputharajah, dean faculty of engineering....

News_Railway electrification and modernisation

Railway electrification and modernisation

21 January in news

Project ready for implementation • First trains to run by 2021 January 4, 2016, 12:00 pm No, no, it is not another ‘supplier driven’ project, the more decent phrase to identify projects offered by companies from countries with "friendly" governments, offering loans for the project at double the market interest rates, repaid in ten years. Only if Sri Lanka awards the contract to their chosen contractor, on a platter! No competitive bidding. If the count is right, going by the headlines in state-run newspaper over the past 10 years, we must have already built two express train services from Colombo to the airport, and one more Colombo-Negombo express train service, and two (not one) expressways to Kandy. There are also such "supplier driven" light rail and monorail services from Ratmalana to Colombo-Maradana-Borella, hidden under the bushes along Galle Road, as we cannot see any such service. Investors came and went, from time to...

News_Energy sector in the Budget A Missed opportunity

Energy sector in the Budget: A Missed opportunity

11 December in news

The budget proposes to establish a Special Purpose Vehicle (SPV), implying a fully-owned subsidiary of CEB to own and operate the Norochcholai power plant, and goes on to say that it will improve CEB’s financial position (para 393). What kind of logic is that? An SPV certainly will separate the accounts of this power plant, will allow anyone to know how much it actually costs to produce a unit of electricity from that power plant, but is that all that is required to ensure business-like operation of the industry? The economic regulatory clauses of the Electricity Act of 2009 are yet to be fully implemented. Even the terminology is incorrect: the first occurrence of the term "energy" in para 112 uses incorrect phrases, even by the standards of the common man. Look at this: "It isessential that we increase utilising latest technology in solar and biomass based energy generation in place...

IESL Commemorates 105th Birth Anniversary of Late Eng. B.D.Rampala

11 December in news

The  B.D Rampala Memorial Lecture  marking the 105th birth anniversary of Late Engineer Bamunusinghearachchige Don Rampala popularly called B.D.Rampala was held on Friday, 13th  November, 2015 at the Wimalasurendra Auditorium of the IESL. Eng. (Dr). Tilak Siyambalapitiya , Energy Consultant and former President of the Energy Manager’s Association, delivered the lecture on the theme ‘Electrified Railways: soon to be a Reality’....

News_At last, Sri Lanka moves to a single standard plug socket

At last, Sri Lanka moves to a single standard plug socket

11 December in news

Electricity is now an essential commodity. The electrification level in Sri Lanka is about 95% and will increase with ongoing development in the North and East. Electricity has made our lives more comfortable. On the other hand, there are a considerable number of accidents every year. Negligence, unsafe electrical wiring and equipment are the main reasons for this increase. To reduce these accidents, the first step is proper electrical installation in our premises. Although rules and regulations in this regard have been issued in the past, and more recently under the 2009 Electricity Act, only a few adhere to them. Electricians and users alike largely ignore these regulations. To reduce accidents caused by unsafe plugs, the Public Utilities Commission of Sri Lanka (PUCSL) has decided to standardize plugs and socket outlets. The announcement is published on its website since October 2, 2015. At present, we use different types of plugs and socket outlets....

Not a single power plant_news

Not a single power plant under construction: Power shortages on the way

11 December in news

Like many other facts in life and politics, the electricity industry too has turned a full circle. After 20 years of indecision, two major power plants were completed: Norochcholai coal-fired power plant was completed in 2014 and the Upper Kotmale power plant in 2013. The much awaited Sampur power plant, originally scheduled to produce electricity from 2016, subsequently re-scheduled for 2018, has not even commenced construction. A large power plant requires five years to build, once the contractor is mobilised, on site. Where is the contractor? Nowhere near. Where is the money? Nowhere near, but for sure, with every day passing, the dreaded power cuts are getting nearer day by day. More respectfully called load shedding, power cuts to the common man, were last seen in May 2002. A short-term problem in August 2010 was hushed-up as unknown power cuts of which the power utility was not aware of. So for the...

Mr Supun and Mr Isuru (News)_2

We wish all the best to our former project engineers

11 December in news

Mr. Supun De Silva and Mr. Isuru Dasanayake who were Project Engineers at Resource Management Associates (Pvt) Ltd, have left the company in order to start their master’s degree program after serving the company nearly about one and half year. They have performed well during this period by involving in several energy consultation studies. Mr. Supun and Mr. Isuru has joined University of Calgary and University of Ryerson respectively. We, RMA team including Dr. Tilak Siyambalapitiya wish all the success for them for this new chapter of their lives and we are grateful to them for their contribution towards the company....