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RMA Energy provides highly skilled energy techno-economic consultants with a wealth of experience and expertise covering a broad range of energy consulting and management services in international energy markets. Our team has particular strengths in energy consulting and management services: Our core team are energy techno-economic consultants qualified in a range of commercial, engineering, economic and financial disciplines. Most of our assignments draw on expertise in several of these areas. In addition to the core team we can draw on a wide range of energy specialist associates, with whom we have long-standing working relationships. These associates cover a broad range of skills, from expertise in specific power generation technologies, to HR management, to the development of PPP contract arrangements.

Energy Policy Formulation and Policy Analysis

Comprehensive assessment of national policies on electricity, petroleum, gas and renewable energy sectors, and on energy efficiency, power transmission, distribution and rural electrification.

Energy Planning and Utility Planning

National-level energy sector planning for the supply and demand management of energy, including forecasting, investment optimizations and reliability improvement. All planning work required for effective expansion and service quality improvement for electricity utilities.

Power System Planning

Detailed planing of power generating systems, transmission and distribution networks, to ensure meeting customer demand in a reliable and cost effective manner, including planning of power system operations, steady state and transient performance.

Project formulation and due diligence

Formulation of power sector investment projects through needs assessment including review of utility plans, and preparation of project documentation for consideration of lending agencies

Renewable energy resource assessment

Assessment of hydroelectric, wind and solar resources for power generation, using state-of-the-art instruments and analytical methods, to enable government agencies and investors to formulate national development plans and projects, for the best use of the investments and the resource.

Renewable energy project development

A full range of project development work for wind and solar power development, including pre-feasibility studies, feasibility studies, grid connection and economic studies, for governments, utilities and investors. Our services include comprehensive assistance during project implementation, commissioning and grid connection.

Financial and economic evaluation of energy sector utilities and projects

Project-specific and utility-wide assessment of financial performance, including cost and price movements, profitability, and cost of service estimates and forecasts.

Energy pricing and energy sector regulation

Pricing policies and studies on large conventional power plants, large and small conventional power plants, regulatory assessment of licensee costs, allowed revenue, transfer pricing, and tariff studies. Regulatory documentation including codes, guidelines and performance standards.

Energy efficiency, demand management and conservation

National policy assessment of energy efficiency, utility-initiated demand-side management (DSM) measures, assessment of hard and soft DSM measures, energy auditing of utility and customer facilities, implementation support for energy efficiency projects.

Training and capacity building

Comprehensive training and capacity building for government officials, utility staff and regulatory agency staff on planning, regulatory initiatives, tariff filing, economic evaluation, and on renewable energy resource assessment and performance.

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