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The Company Directors and staff currently serve have previously served on several committees and evaluation panels of the Government and professional bodies related to the energy sector.
Currently, we operate with a full-time staff of two senior consultants, two project engineers and two support staff attending to technical and secretarial functions. Our peripheral staff comprises civil, electrical, petroleum, production and mechanical engineers, economists, financial specialist and system analysts, and sociologists possessing varying expertise, who are called upon to perform specific tasks. Our external staff include a number of specialists in power system planning, transmission development, renewable energy development and financing.

Company Founders

Dr. Tilak Siyambalapitiya, BSc (Eng). Hon., PhD.
Managing Director

Carries 30 years of experience in the energy sector of Sri Lanka, in the region and in east Africa. President, Sri Lanka Energy Managers Association (2004-6). Former Chief Engineer (Generation Planning) Ceylon Electricity Board (1989-94). Principal Engineer (Load Forecasting and Generation Planning) at Saudi Consolidated Electric Company (1994-1998). Since 1996, he has hands-on experience in conducting tariff studies for embedded generation in Sri Lanka and Tanzania, and continues to be engaged in studies on a wide range of issues related to pricing, grid interconnection and regulation of small to medium scale grid connected power plants. Has conducted numerous consulting studies since 1988 using planning tools, and most recently, for the calculation of long-run marginal cost of utilities for a World Bank study on beneficiary incidence of cross subsidies in electricity tariffs. Has served in various committees of the Government and the Ministry of Power and Energy on a honorary basis, the most relevant recent assignment being a member of Renewable Energy Policy Committee (2013). Additionally, has been a member of the committee to review power sector reforms (2005), the national energy policy committee (2004-2008) and the working group of renewable energy (2005-8). Teaches energy efficiency, demand management and conservation to Masters Degree students; Contributing editor of Sri Lanka Energy Audit Manual 1999, 2000, 2013.

Mr. Sunith Fernando, MSc

With 40 years of experience in renewable energy development in Sri Lankan state, international and consulting agencies, Mr Fernando’s expertise in Mechanical Engineering is unique for Sri Lanka. He is highly experienced in wind, hydro and biomass resource assessment, power plant design, and has hands-on experience in a range of renewable energy project design and project management. His initial experience in the energy sector was in the implementation of the wind-based water pumping project for the Water Resources Board in Sri Lanka. He subsequently developed the wind resource assessment for the southern coastal belt, and went on to be the local consultant for the country-wide wind resource assessment study along with NREL of USA. He is equally experienced in small hydro resources assessment and in conceptual design. He has been a consultant to the World Bank, UNDP and ADB from time to time, and works full-time at RMA. He is the team leader to RMAs team of consultants to the first commercial wind power plant commissioned in Puttalam, Sri Lanka in May 2010.

Our Key Staff

Mr Swetha Perera, BSc (Eng) Hons., PMP
Manager (Projects)

With eight years of experience in leading corporates (both Sri Lankan and foreign), Mr. Perera’s expertise is in project management, and financial and economic evaluation of infrastructure projects. Presently, as a full time employee of RMA, he participates in several national level studies on renewable energy planning and due diligence for loan packages from international funding agencies to the power sector of Sri Lanka, which are conducted by RMA, as a financial and economic analyst and a project management specialist. Mr. Perera has held project management responsibilities at various power sector development projects in areas of building power generation plants, rehabilitation of power plants, construction of new transmission lines and grid substations. He was also a member of the panel of authors of the Sri Lanka Energy Balance (an annual publication of Sri Lanka Sustainable Energy Authority) for several years.

Dr. Amila Wickramasinghe, BSc (Eng) Hon., MEcon., PhD.
Project Director

With ten years of experience in RMA, he is significantly involved in national and industrial level studies on energy efficiency and demand side management, power system analysis, renewable energy and energy efficiency project development, economic and financial evaluations, and project appraisal work conducted by RMA for international agencies, lending agencies, CEB and project developers. Being the principal author of Sri Lanka Energy Balance (an annual publication of Sri Lanka Sustainable Energy Authority), Mr Wickramasinghe offers a unique expertise with a combination of electrical engineering, finance and economics, and works full-time at RMA. He has worked on evaluation of the impacts of JICA-funded energy efficiency projects through macro-level analyses and customer surveys, and has hands-on experience in implementing energy audit findings in industries. He is experienced in modelling of hybrid renewable energy-based systems for stand-alone operation in mini-grids

Ms. Muditha Karunathilake, BSc (Eng). Hon
Project Engineer

Ms. Muditha Karunathilake graduated from University of Moratuwa, Sri Lanka in 2015 and joined RMA in July 2015 as a project engineer. She has engaged in various projects in the areas of electricity tariff assessment, transmission and distribution loss assessment, power system reliability and renewable energy based micro grids. Her research interests are mainly in the fields of power systems engineering and renewable energy.

Mr. Mahesh Rathnayake, BSc (Eng). Hon
Project Engineer

Mr. Mahesh Rathnayake graduated from University of Moratuwa, Sri Lanka in year 2015 and joined RMA in July 2015. He has worked in several projects related to energy efficiency, rural electrification and hybrid power generation. His main research interest areas are distribution system planning, economic optimization, geographical information systems and renewable energy development.

Our Staff Studying at Foreign Universities

Mr. Akbo Rupasinghe, BSc (Eng). Hon
Project Engineer

Mr. Akbo Rupasinghe, B.Sc. Eng. (Hons): Having graduated from the Faculty of Engineering, University of Peradeniya in 2012, Mr. Rupasinghe joined RMA as a Project Engineer. During his one year at RMA he was involved with various projects in the areas of renewable energy planning, tariff modelling, energy auditing, power system modelling, demand forecasting and financial/economic analyses. Currently he is on study-leave, reading for his PhD at University of Manitoba, Canada. His areas of research is power system dynamics, power system modelling and simulation.

Mr. Supun De Silva, BSc (Eng). Hon
Project Engineer

Mr. Supun De Silva graduated from University of Moratuwa, Sri Lanka and joined RMA in 2014. He has worked in several projects and possess experience in power system modelling, transmission and generation planning, renewable energy integration analysis, modelling and assessment of demand response projects and due diligence projects. He is a passionate researcher in the field of electrical engineering and has co-authored several research publications. Currently he is on study-leave, reading for his master’s degree at University of Calgary, Canada.

Mr. Isuru Dasanayake, BSc (Eng). Hon
Project Engineer

Mr. Isuru is a dedicated professional over a year of experience in RMA in the field of energy and power system engineering. He had involved in several projects specializing in the areas of planning of renewable energy, demand side management, modelling of power system along with economic dispatch analysis. His primary research interests lies in the field of energy and power system engineering together with modelling of power systems, transmission network optimization, energy economics, renewable energy and power system engineering. Currently he is on study-leave, reading for his master’s degree at University of Ryerson, Canada.

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