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Capacity Building for Power Sector Regulation in Sri Lanka

Electricity Utility Planning, Energy Economics & Pricing, National Energy Policy & Planning
About This Project

This project is to build capacity with the Public Utilities Commission of Sri Lanka (PUCSL) and the Transmission/Distribution Licensees to implement tariff and other regulatory measures, since the implementation of the new regulatory regime under the Sri Lanka Electricity Act 2009. RMA provides counterpart services and hands-on support to PUCSL in the development and implementation of the Tariff Methodology, other allowed charges, revenue filing by licensees and analysis, support for conducting public consultations, development of end-use customer tariffs, development of codes for retail services, distribution and grid operations. The work also includes the development of a tariff reform and subsidy rebalancing road map to return the loss-making power industry to profitability by year 2015. RMA staff developed Distribution and Grid codes for Sri Lanka.