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RMA Energy

Company Status

Since inception in 1999, the company has grown to provide a wide range of consultancy services in diverse areas of the energy sector.

We operate with a qualified full-time core team of experienced professionals, all with several years of hands-on experience in working with energy utilities and sector institutions.

To complement our in-house team, our associates from academic and professional institutions as well as free-lance consultants join us to form strong multidisciplinary teams to deliver plans, projects and evaluations.

International Practice

Our clients extend from Africa to East Asia.

Our consulting teams have worked in Tanzania, Kenya and Rwanda, and in all countries in South Asia, extending to Myanmar, Vietnam, Cambodia Indonesia, Thailand and Papua New Guinea. Recently we marked out footprint in Central Asia by working in Uzbekistan and advising projects in Afghanistan. Our experience in working on renewable energy development policy, and associated regulatory, economic and pricing analyses, as well as mainstream power engineering expertise, is sought by many clients in the developing world.

National Recognition

Sri Lanka’s unique status as a country with significant achievements in social development, grid coverage, renewable energy development and regulatory reforms, and RMA’s significant contributions to such successes in Sri Lanka, places the company in a unique position to share that experience with other countries in the region.


Key areas of work

RMA Energy provides highly skilled energy techno-economic consultants with a wealth of experience and expertise covering a broad range of energy consulting and management services in international energy markets. Our team has particular strengths in energy consulting and management services: Our core team consists of energy techno-economic consultants qualified in a range of commercial, engineering, economic and financial disciplines. Most of our assignments draw on expertise in several of these areas. In addition to the core team, we can draw on a wide range of energy specialist associates, with whom we have long-standing working relationships. These associates cover a broad range of skills, from expertise in specific power generation technologies to HR management, to the development of PPP contract arrangements, and to social and environmental safeguard assessment. To data RMA has carried out numerous assignments focusing on:
Power Sector Modeling
Power sector policy, planning, economic and pricing
Due diligence on energy sector projects
Due diligence on energy sector projects.
Project Formulation
Project formulation in utility distribution systems
Service Arrangements
Services to lenders and investors in the power industry
Feasibility Studies
Feasibility studies on thermal power plants, small hydro, biomass, solar and wind power plants
Research & Analysis
Research and analysis of energy policy issues, national energy planning
Energy Auditing
Energy auditing in industries and commercial buildings
Energy Conservation & Management
Design and implementation of energy conservation and management systems for the industry
Planning & implementation
Planning and implementation of national level energy surveys, development of provincial level energy databases
Wind, Solar and Small Hydro Studies
National level studies concerning the assessment of wind, solar and small hydro resources
Aerodynamic & structural design
Aerodynamic and structural design of small wind turbines
Energy Pricing & Regulation
Energy pricing and energy sector regulation

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