Renewable Energy DevelopmentFeasibility Studies on Small Hydro Power Development

Harnessing of small hydropower for industrial applications was started in Sri Lanka as early as the late nineteenth century. Over 500 such plants provided the motive power required for the expanding tea industry during the colonial era. With the expansion of the national electricity grid, these plants started fading away from the industrial scene beginning around 1950.

In 1992, Ceylon Electricity Board authorised the grid-connected operation of small hydropower plants with an attractive buy-back price. This marked the resurgence of small hydropower development in Sri Lanka creating a new private sector power industry. Small hydropower development has been gathering momentum since then, adding nearly 110 MW to the system to date.

RMA provided consulting services to a number of small hydropower developers in preparing feasibility studies and engineering designs. Following are some of the schemes where RMA participated as the Consultant.


 Arslena Mini Hydro 900 kW
 Kolapathana Mini Hydro 600 kW
 Kakunagahadola Mini Hydro 550 kW
 Delmar Mini Hydro 320 kW

RMA served as the Bank’s Consultant to the Commercial Bank of Ceylon who financed the 1.2 MW Watawala Mini Hydro plant.

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