Renewable Energy DevelopmentHambantota Solar PV Project

SENOK is planning to construct two 10 MW (AC) solar photovoltaic (PV) power plants in the Hambantota district of Sri Lanka. The two solar PV power plants are planned to be constructed adjacent to each other and will be undertaken as a single development activity. SENOK invited Resource Management Associates (Pvt) Ltd (RMA) to provide services as the Owner’s Engineer, starting from the project development phase up to project commissioning. As the initial step, RMA conducted the feasibility study.

The study independently assessed various technical options proposed by the equipment supplier. Options analyzed include P-Type and N-Type solar PV modules, monofacial and bifacial modules, and fixed axis and tracking mounting structures. All options were modelled in solar PV simulation software to estimate the annual electricity generation. Six interconnection options, including an option provided by Ceylon Electricity Board (CEB), were analyzed considering the technical feasibility, capital cost and maintenance requirements.

Simulated results and cost data were input into a financial model to identify the options with the highest financial benefits.

Renewable Energy Development
Hambantota, Sri Lanka