Electricity Utility PlanningEnergy Economics & PricingNational Energy Policy & PlanningCapacity Building for Power Sector Regulation in Sri Lanka

This project is to build capacity with the Public Utilities Commission of Sri Lanka (PUCSL) and the Transmission/Distribution Licensees to implement tariff and other regulatory measures, since the implementation of the new regulatory regime under the Sri Lanka Electricity Act 2009. RMA provides counterpart services and hands-on support to PUCSL in the development and implementation of the Tariff Methodology, other allowed charges, revenue filing by licensees and analysis, support for conducting public consultations, development of end-use customer tariffs, development of codes for retail services, distribution and grid operations. The work also includes the development of a tariff reform and subsidy rebalancing road map to return the loss-making power industry to profitability by year 2015. RMA staff developed Distribution and Grid codes for Sri Lanka.

ADB (in association with MECADOS Energy Markets of Spain)
Electricity Utility Planning, Energy Economics & Pricing, National Energy Policy & Planning