Due Diligence on Energy Sector ProjectsPower Generation and EconomicsConsultancy Services to Lenders to 20 MW Diesel Power Plant in Jaffna Peninsula

The distribution network in Sri Lanka’s Jaffna peninsula was separated from the main grid between 1995-2013. Two Independent Power Producers (IPPs) were procured to provide the supply to the isolated network, until the civil conflict ended in 2009, enabling re-connection to the main grid. RMA was contracted by the lenders to the one of the two IPPs (20 MW) to provide a comprehensive engineering and financial/economic due diligence on these diesel power plants. The services provided included analysis of the status of diesel generators, review of investor proposals for new investments to replace ageing and inefficient generating units, assessment of efficiency, monitoring of maintenance and fuel supply mechanism, etc.

Union Bank, Sri Lanka
Due Diligence on Energy Sector Projects, Power Generation & Economics