Renewable Energy DevelopmentDesign of a 220 kW Small Hydro Power Plant for the Kissizi Hospital in Southwest Uganda

The Government of Uganda has proposed “Energy for Rural Transformation Programme” for World Bank assistance. The key objectives of this programme are to improve the rural quality of life and facilitate significant rural non-farm income by accelerating rural electrification using Uganda’s indigenous, renewable energy resources.

Expansion of the hydroelectric capacity of the small hydro plant in Kisizi Hospital is an investment that falls under the sub-component 2 of this programme. Kisizi Hospital, which is associated with the Church of Uganda, is located in the Rukungiri District in Southwest Uganda. The hospital has a strong presence in the area, with a campus of some 50 buildings from which a wide variety of community services are offered in support of their mission to address the social and economic, as well as the spiritual and curative needs of the local community.

The hospital has owned and operated a 60kW micro hydro plant since 1986 for its own use and is now interested in expanding its capacity utilizing the full hydro potential of the river Rusoma. The World Bank contracted RMA to carry out the design of this plant. Work done by RMA include:

 Hydrology analysis of river Rusoma.
 Redesign of the existing weir, intake and channel to handle 1000 l/s design flow.
 Sizing of the desilting tank.
 Hydraulic and structural design of the 700 mm penstock
 Writing technical specifications for electro-mechanical equipment.
 Overall project costing.

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