Electricity Utility PlanningNational Energy Policy & PlanningPPTA: Formulation of the Network Expansion and Rural Electrification Project for Sri Lanka

RMA was selected by ADB to work in association with Hydro Tasmania of Australia, to formulate the bank’s next investment project in Sri Lanka. The project was to strengthen the power sub-transmission network by establishing five grid substation, building new 33 kV lines and providing electricity services to a further 400 villages. The value of the project was targeted at USD 70 million.

The role of RMA was to conduct analysis of the performance of the existing MV network throughout the country, and identify weak areas by way of poor voltage regulation and reliability. RMA conducted extensive customer and network surveys, measurements and modelling, to identify the problems in the network and provide an initial overview to the ADB about the performance of projects previously funded by the bank. Thereafter, RMA liaised with the utility to critically review the technical performance of the MV network, conduct simulations and develop a long-list of projects. Through a screening process, the projects were prioritised and short-listed to be included in the project. The performance of the each grid substation and MV line proposed was modeled and its performance was verified.

Asian Development Bank, in association with Hydro Tasmania (Australia)
Electricity Utility Planning, National Energy Policy & Planning