Energy Economics & PricingPower Generation and EconomicsPricing of Electricity from Independent Power Plants in South Asia

RMA was selected by US Agency for International Development and Deloitte, Inc. of USA to conduct a study on the pricing of electricity produced from Independent Power Plants (IPP) in Sri Lanka. This was part of a study of 20 private power plants in South Asia, to ascertain the competitiveness of tariffs offered by IPPs in relation to utility/Government projects.

Three IPPs in Sri Lanka who agreed to participate in the study were examined in detail for their investments, operating costs and tariffs. Similarly three Government/Ceylon Electricity Board projects of comparative technology were analyzed to calculate the off-take price and any adjustments required to represent any concessions received.

The study included the development of financial models for each selected private or government project, technical evaluation to assess their operating performance, making adjustments to account for concessions, and arriving at an adjusted levelised price.

US Agency for International Development
Energy Economics & Pricing, Power Generation & Economics

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