Electricity Utility PlanningRenewable Energy DevelopmentTechnical and Financial Proposal for a 20 MW Wind Power Plant in Narakkalliya, Sri Lanka

In December 2002 Ceylon Electricity Board (CEB) requested proposals from the private sector for establishing a 20 MW wind power plant on Build, Own and Operate basis. Senok Trade Combine Limited, which is one of the short-listed companies, contracted RMA to conduct necessary studies and prepare the technical and financial proposals for submission to CEB.

RMA conducted detailed wind data analysis using site-specific short-term wind measurements and long-term wind data from a nearby meteorological station to evaluate the site wind energy potential. Using the power curves of several wind turbine generators, RMA established the optimum machine and layout for the site. RMA also carried out the design of the 26 km long 33 kV transmission line and costing of civil works as per manufacturer’s foundation designs.

RMA conducted detailed financial analysis on the project and assisted the client to arrive at a competitive tariff.

Senok Trade Combine Limited, Sri Lanka Year: 2002-2003
Electricity Utility Planning, Renewable Energy Development

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