Energy Efficiency & Demand ManagementNational Energy Policy & PlanningEnergy Efficiency Improvement Promotion Project in Sri Lanka

As the consultant of JICA for its energy efficiency Technical Assistance (TA) program to the Sri Lankan Government, J-Power engaged RMA to carry out a baseline survey in 2008 at the commencement of the TA program. The survey included a national level energy intensity analysis, industrial benchmarking, appliance market energy efficiency status and the status of Energy Service Companies (ESCOs) operating in the country. Once the national level energy efficiency baseline was established, in 2009 and 2010, surveys and analyses were carried out to identify the effect of the specific activities carried out within the TA program to improve the energy efficiency of the country. In addition to these surveys and analyses, the impact of demand side management on the power system, especially on the system load curve, was studied with load forecast done for three years ahead.

J-Power, Japan /JICA
2008, 2009 & 2010
Energy Efficiency & Demand Management, National Energy Policy & Planning