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RMA was selected by the World Bank and Ceylon Electricity Board (CEB, the National Electricity Utility in Sri Lanka) to prepare a Guide for grid interconnection of small power plants embedded in the distribution system of Sri Lanka.  RMA provided the Consulting Services to this project jointly with DULAS Ltd. of UK.

Connection of relatively small, embedded power plants to the CEB network commenced in the mid-1990s. These embedded power plants are mostly built, owned and operated by non-utility Companies and individuals.  Presently, most of these are small hydroelectric plants, with a few Combined Heat and Power plants also in operation. There are purpose-built, investor-owned power plants as well as those with a captive load, such as a tea factory.

The interconnection agreement between the CEB and the Generator is based on a Power Purchase Agreement, which has been standardised by the CEB. The technical requirements for the safety and protection of equipment used for the interconnection were guided by the G/59 Technical Recommendations published by the Electricity Association of the UK. There was a need to streamline the design, testing and commissioning of the interconnection of  embedded power plants with the Grid to match specific situations in Sri Lanka.

RMA in association with DULAS Ltd. of UK, developed the Guide Book, after studying the specific requirements and characteristics of both the CEB grid and the small power plants. Services provided to CEB also included two Training Courses conducted by RMA/DULAS.

The World Bank/Ceylon Electricity Board, Sri Lanka
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