OtherTraining of Engineers in the Design of Small Hydro Power Plants

Development of small hydropower in Sri Lanka dates back to early part of the twentieth century. It is estimated that nearly five hundred small hydro plants with a combined capacity of about 10 MW had been operating in the plantation sector in Sri Lanka during the first half of the century.

In 1993 CEB authorized the grid connection of small hydro plants, and since then, small hydro development started gathering momentum as a newly emerging investment opportunity for the private power sector. Total small hydro potential in Sri Lanka is estimated as 200MW to 250MW.

For the long term sustainability of small hydro development, it is necessary to build the local engineering capacity in such areas as, feasibility studies, design, & construction and O&M etc. Intermediate Technology Development Group (ITDG) – Sri Lanka, a non-governmental organization with international reputation, realized this need and carried out several national training courses to build the local capacity in small hydro power.

In 1999, UNDP/GEF funding was made available by the Ministry of Irrigation & Power to ITDG to conduct two more training courses in this sector. ITDG selected RMA to design and implement these two courses.

Intermediate Technology Development Group – Sri Lanka